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Praxis Plus - A Process for Success - Step 5

Your Process to Jumpstart 2009

Praxis - a habitual or established practice. It's a formal action for improving yourself that you perform on a consistent basis. 

PictureIn Step 1, we developed a list of business building activities in 8 different categories.    Click here to see a list developed by one of our agents. In Step 2, you worked on planning activities to accomplish within the next 24 hours.

In Step 3, we discussed how your success will be determined by your ability to identify your target (your goals), focusing on the outcome you desire and taking action with a positive mental attitude. Your responsibility was to work on a 3 day schedule and accomplish those activities. 

In Step 4 we introduced two methods for increasing your power sources that will make you more effective.  

  1. Planning - schedule daily and weekly activities, in writing, that you know can be successful.  Is it the listing or buying side?  Which segments of the market?
  2. Priorities - You have to understand what is important both in your personal and professional life.  Schedule accordingly.

Your responsibility was to plan your schedule with business building activities for a week and include those that we recommended.  Those activities have proven to be profitable for many agents in other difficult markets. 

For example, as interest rates continue to decline, are you connecting with potential first-home buyers to alert them to the buying opportunity?

Contact former clients as to the re-finance advantage and don't forget to ask for referrals.

Your lenders are busy contacting their past clients for refinancing and may have some potential move-up leads for you.

Power Sources - Step 5

Today we discuss one of the most important sources of power which is proficiency.  Your proficiency increases over time with improved skills (tools, training and support). 

Proficiency - will allow you to perform daily tasks quickly so that you can leverage your time.  The following are techniques that are effective:

  1. Utilize technology tools to assist you in organizing your tasks and time.
  2. Email - use rules and folders in Outlook.  Set up a folder for each transaction, and integrate your task list with your calendar.
  3. Answer/or return phone calls and avoid telephone tag.  If you call and have to leave a VM then leave a time you will be available for a return call.  Try txt. msg. as an alternative.
  4. Scheduling activities - always schedule personal activities that occur daily/weekly or monthly first.
  5. Schedule the items you "hate" to do first, get them out of the way as  early in the day as possible. 
  6. Daily email - check often for business, and answer personal messages "after hours".
  7. Find time blocks in your schedule that "requires" you to perform the most important tasks such as personal notes and calls to your sphere, prospecting, transaction management, client management (showings, etc.).
  8. Never end your day without having accomplished a task that will lead to future business.  You must focus on your achievements. 

 Step 5 - Your Responsibility

PictureReview the tools that are available to you and determine how you can utilize them more efficiently. If you need help in using Outlook, email, text messaging, etc., ask one of your peers to assist you.  Virtual Homes training webinars will begin after Christmas.

The goal is to increase your proficiency so you can accomplish more business building activities on a daily basis.  As we continue through the Praxis Plus process, time management becomes critical to your success as you are expanding your workload.

In Step 6 we will explore additional techniques in leveraging your time and motivational techniques for increasing your energy.


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