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Praxis Plus - A Process for Success - Step 3

Your Process to Jumpstart 2009


Praxis - a habitual or established practice. It's a formal action for improving yourself that you perform on a consistent basis.

Picture In Step 1, we asked you to develop a list of business building activities in 8 different categories.  Your list should contain a minimum of 75 activities.  Click here to see a list developed by one of our agents. 

In Step 2, you were to review the list and decide which activities you planned on completing within the next 24 hours.

So, let's assess how you did in completing your tasks.

Did you complete all of them?  If not, what were the reasons or distractions? 

How accountable to yourself were you?

If you accomplished all your tasks, do you feel as though you could have done more?

Did you have difficulty prioritizing?  If so, why?

This exercise was designed to help you understand your capacity to work, play and have a productive day.

"Every man is the architect of of his own future" - Goethe


Surviving this downturn will bring exceptional opportunities and growth for all of us.  To be successful, there are three simple components:

1.  What is the target?

Determining your target requires clear vision.  The shortest path to the target is a straight line and this process may require education or asking the experts.  Why go through a learning curve if you can follow a straight line?

2.  Keep the target in your sights.

Requires focused attention and energy.  Staying on track with a positive attitude.

3. Hit it (until you succeed).

Hitting your target requires taking action.  You can be more effective if you have power. Your power sources are time, energy and money.  Praxis Plus focuses on utilizing your time and energy to hit your target. 

The two most important decisions you will make are: Will you take actions that bring you toward your desired target or away from your desired target? And ... will you engage in behaviors that strengthen your power or weaken your power?

You have the ability to increase your power

In Step 4, we will discuss our methods for increasing your power. 

Your Responsibility - Step 3

PictureReview your list and select activities that you plan to accomplish within the next 3 days and fill out your schedule with your personal time first.   It is very important to fulfill your commitment to complete the activities you select.

In a few days we will discuss Step 4 of the process.


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