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Praxis Plus - A Process for Success - Step 1

PRAXIS PLUS - A Process for Success - Jumpstart 2009 - Step 1


Last week, I briefly discussed our new training program, Praxis Plus, which is a process designed to assist you in generating business today and "jump start" 2009.   This free program requires your time and a positive attitude. 

The program is a series of instructions supplemented with webinars for live interaction.  The training will include maximizing the value of tools currently available to you.

                                                                     Let's get started!

Today we introduce the program and tomorrow we follow up with Step 2 of the process.


Our program is designed to give you a process to follow that will generate business today and keep you on track to achieve your business plan goals for 2009.

Summit Meetings with Broker/Owners, Managers, and Top Producers

Our networking and discussion with the best in the industry produced 3 key elements for success in a difficult market.

  1. Shift in strategy - devote more resources to the buying side.
  2. Don't chase transactions - consumers know when they are being sold.
  3. Focus on business building activities.

Virtual Homes Commitment

We will provide the concepts, training, facilitate the exchange of ideas and the support.  

Your Responsibility

We have listed 8 categories of business building activities with sample activities in each one.  Think of activities that you can add to each category and list them.


  1. Clean your desk/office
  2. Establish your schedule- daily, weekly, monthly
  3. Clean up your email - add folders and rules

                           Add 4 of your own.


  1. Call your own voice mail, leave a message - listen and critique
  2. Find a "buyer agent" accreditation and register
  3. Role play with other agents listing and buyer agency presentations

                           Add 4 of your own.


  1. Register for Lowe's Realtor Benefits program
  2. Identify 5 businesses for corporate calling
  3. Work with a loan officer to host a seminar for "First Home Buyers"
  4. Develop a "Closing Cost Coupon"

                          Add 8 of your own.


  1. Add a new contact to your sphere
  2. Code and rate your database - past clients, prospects, business opportunities
  3. Identify potential move-up buyers
  4. Review drip email campaigns and update

                         Add 4 of your own.


  1. Visit a previous client
  2. Ask 3 people for a referral
  3. Fire an unmotivated SELLER

                        Add 3 of your own.


  1. Hand out 3 business cards
  2. Volunteer at schools- coach, classrooms, booster club
  3. Join another social network
  4. Take a business associate to lunch
  5. Have dinner with family and friends

                        Add 8 of your own.


  1. Pull latest market reports
  2. Arrange update process for interest rates with a lender
  3. Visit and review research, etc.

                       Add 5 of your own.


  1. Take a walk
  2. Clean out your closet and donate items to charity
  3. Read a motivational book
  4. Join a gym

                      Add 6 of your own.

On Wednesday, we will compare our lists and then on to Step 2.

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Comment balloon 10 commentsFred Doleac • December 08 2008 07:38PM


Wow, thanks for the great education - I'm so looking forward to making this work - in ALL areas of my life! Celeste

Posted by Celeste Borges, Your Favorite Real Estate Agent (Hawaii Real Estate Online LLC) almost 12 years ago

Hello Fred - where'd you get the title for this program Praxis Plus? And what does it mean? Just curious - Celeste

Posted by Celeste Borges, Your Favorite Real Estate Agent (Hawaii Real Estate Online LLC) almost 12 years ago

Nice statrt - god idea to get this going for Realtor now!

Posted by Tom Larsen, We Shop, You Save! (The Larsen Protection Team) almost 12 years ago

Celeste - The name and background info is discussed in Step 3.  Praxis is a daily habit.

Tom - I am glad you are following!

Posted by Fred Doleac, Real Estate in a Virtual World (Fred Doleac - Bean Group) almost 12 years ago

Frank - I'm looking forward to Wednesday & Step 2


Rich Johnson

Posted by Rich Johnson almost 12 years ago

Rich - see you on Wednesday

Posted by Fred Doleac, Real Estate in a Virtual World (Fred Doleac - Bean Group) almost 12 years ago

Radical change could be good to jump start a new begining.


Posted by Richard Stabile, Bergen County New Homes Builder Realtor (Re/Max Real Estate Limited) almost 12 years ago

Ok, I have added a few things and broght this out to my team; along with the SHIFT Book, we should have actionable profitable steps for 09.  We would like to beat our 95 units closed in 08 and bget back above 100 like tho olden days.  Warm Reagrds from chilly Ann Arbor, Michigan

Posted by Kathy Toth, Ann Arbor Real Estate Experts - Kathy Toth Team (Ann Arbor Market Center Keller Williams) almost 12 years ago

Fred: This looks like a fascinating process that would work in many professions, not just for real estate agents. I have been mulling over a similar process for home stagers who want to improve their business. Thank you for posting this and I look forward to reading the next installments.

I hope you don't mind me making a suggestion: Put links to the other steps at the bottom of each post so those who find you late in the series can jump to the beginning easily. Also, it will increase your link love:o))

Posted by Michelle Minch, Home Staging Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA (Moving Mountains Design Home Staging, Pasadena, CA) over 11 years ago

Michelle, Thanks for the advice on the steps links.

Posted by Fred Doleac, Real Estate in a Virtual World (Fred Doleac - Bean Group) over 11 years ago